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The Best Mens Suits for Late Summer and Early Fall HEADING_TITLE

The Best Mens Suits for Late Summer and Early Fall

Wearing a suit during the summer or early fall, when thermometers are topping out at their highest temperatures of the year, can be excruciating! How do you look cool, calm and comfortable while you’re sweating away in your heavy suit? It is possible to rock a mens suit in sweltering weather, but it’s all about selection! Read on to learn how to choose the best mens suits for late summer and early fall.


When you think of summer suit fabrics, most people immediately think of linen. Linen suits are light-weight and very comfortable in the summer, and they look great when you first put them on. Then you walk a few feet, drive to work, or sit down on the bus and your suit has more wrinkles than a 93 year old elephant. So choose a linen suit, but only if you’re good at standing still for long periods of time.

Cotton mens suits are gaining popularity because cotton is a durable fabric that keeps you relatively cool during the summer, and it also absorbs sweat even if you do start to heat up. A cotton-blend suit is generally more comfortable to wear, so it feels more like you’re wearing a t-shirt during the summer rather than a stuffy suit. Cotton mens suits are incredibly practical because they come in so many versatile styles, and most are machine washable, so they’re easy to keep clean and maintain.

Most modern mens suits are made of wool, which sounds like it would be the heaviest, warmest fabric, but can actually be quite cool. Light-weight wool or wool blends are usually the most comfortable fabrics, they’re wrinkle-resistant and they are durable. Wool also absorbs moisture, so you can stay cool and relaxed even on the hottest summer days.

Other light-weight suit options are twill, canvas or khaki. While once considered to be working class fabrics, these fabrics are becoming more and more prevalent in executive mens suits. Just make sure that these kinds of suits are up to par with your corporate dress code before you wear one of these casual suits to work.


Popular suit colors for summer and early fall include earthy tones such as tan, olive and beige, khaki, ivory, cream and stark white mens suits. If you like to make a fashion statement you can experiment with pastel colors like yellow, light blue or even pink if you’re especially daring. Any of these colors would look great at a summer wedding, garden party or even P-Diddy’s white party, but you may want to continue to stick with navy or black mens suits in light-weight fabrics for business meetings and work-type events.


You’ve picked the lightest fabric and a cool summer appropriate color, now it’s time to talk style. Never go for a double-breasted mens suit in the summer, and if possible, have your suit jacket only partially lined in the sleeves and a third of the way down the back for the ultimate undercover heat resistance. Khaki suits may look cool while on an African safari, but they can easily look cheesy in a business environment. Go business casual by pairing a simple, two-button khaki suit with a t-shirt and sneakers. Once again, just make sure this is okay with your boss before you wear your favorite Metallica shirt in to work one day.

By carefully choosing light-weight fabrics, light colors and smart styles, you can find the best mens suits for the dog days of summer and early fall. Just remember these easy tips, and you’ll never let them see you sweat.

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